Ipesandrine Cough Medicine

Ipesandrine Syrup by Sandoz circa 1950


Ipesandrine Syrup
Ipesandrine Syrup was a high powed cough syrup available in the 1950's and made by the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company. It contained the following per fluid ounce:
Opium Alkaloids
Morphine HCl 5.40 mg
Narcotine HCl 4.10 mg
Papverine HCl 0.64 mg
Codeine HCl 0.54 mg
Narceine HCl 0.16 mg
Ipecac Alkaloid
Emetine HCl 2.2 mg
Ephedra Alkaloid 
Ephedrine HCl 16.2 mg
Balsuam Tolu - Cherry Laurel Water
Ethenol 1.85 mL's

Ipesandrine Syrup bottle label images


Ephedra plant from Ipesandrine Syrup bottle
Ipecac plant from Ipesandrine Syrup by Sandoz