Historic Soda Ads from 1956
This page contains soda ad pictures from yesteryear.

Coke ad from 11-21-1956 Sat Evening Post
7-UP ad from 11-17-1956 Sat Evening Post
Canada Dry ad from 1956

The history of the drugstore soda fountain includes manufactured soda fountains.  The following is a soda fountain ad from 1931 advertising the Red Cross Soda Fountain.  Soda fountains were a large profit center in most pharmacy operations. 

Soda Fountain History Red Cross Soda Fountains
Soda Fountain History Red Cross Soda Fountains



HERE are a few of the "Thousand Small Perfections" that make the new Red Cross "Antarctica" Soda Fountain great. Every prospective buyer | and every owner of a soda fountain should know more about these new profit increasing features.


1. All-steel construction. 8. Simplified Drainage System.

2. Heavier Insulation.

3. Circuit Breaker.

4. The Temperature Equalizer.

5. The Narrowness of the unit.

6. Enduro stainless steel.

7. One-piece Enduro Sanitary Top.

8. Simplified Drainage System.

9. Rump-Rack Refrigeration.

10. Precision-type Syrup Pumps.

11. Chocolate Pump.

12. Milk Pump.

13. The New Creamer Lids.

14. The Draft Arms.

15. The Dry Storage Compartment with its Extra Capacity.

16. And, the New, Rapid Method of Cooling Soda and Sweet water.


Full information awaits your request. Each feature means increased patronage and profits. A post card or letter will bring the details quickly.

Red Cross Soda Fountain